Learn from Arancini (Rice Balls) from Scratch with Three P's!!

Jan 05, 2021

Do you learn something productive? If yes, then what could be better than learning how to cook. Come to Arancini (Rice Balls) from Scratch with Three P's. These cooking classes will equip you with a hands-on opportunity to learn about Italian cuisine from a skilled staff. Here, you will learn how to make pasta, delicious sauces, regional Italian dishes and much more. For this delicious cooking class, you will be guided through whipping up Italian arancini. This delicious item is risotto filled with Peas, Prosciutto, and Parmesan. In this class, you will also get to take home Vince's vodka sauce to satisfy your tastebuds. You can also bring your favorite beverage to sip on while you cook.

If you are coming for the cooking classes, then stay at Budget Inn. It provides a welcoming and friendly environment and relaxing place to rest your head when you come to Syracuse area. Besides, this motel assures that guest do not have worry about COVID-19. Let’s see why you need to choose this one over others.

Easily accessible: It is located near the airport which lets the guests to access it from other areas that are- Destiny USA Mall, Lake Oneida, downtown Syracuse, and Syracuse University.

Facilities: This hotel strives to offer a comprehensive range of amenities, such as- vending machines, fax/copying machines, and high-speed Wi-Fi. All the bathrooms have bathtubs. In addition to this, all the rooms have LED television, chair, microwave, air conditioner, and mini-fridge. You can book a room with just a click.

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