Budget Inn - Accessibility

At BudgetInn, your comfort is our joy – we are here to make you have a memorable stay. We take care of business travelers, couples, families, and group travelers visiting New York and the Syracuse area. We cater to every kind of guest including the disabled visitors. Here at BudgetInn we understand that guests having disabilities need unique amenities designed to allow comfort and ease of accessibility of our hotel. We have special amenities as well as the right environment to allow guests with disabilities to feel at home. We ensure that our rooms are accessible by our guests who have disabilities. So, if you are disabled and are seeking for accommodation within Syracuse area, you should consider staying with us.

Room Accessibility

At BudgetInn, we offer the best experience. Guests with disabilities aren’t like other guests- they need adequate space in the rooms to suit their needs. In the rooms, we have features that allow easy access from the guests. The rooms are spacious and we have bathtubs and showers specially made to cater to the needs of guests with disabilities.

Parking for Handicapped

People with disabilities, for example, those who have difficulties walking encounter many challenges when they have to stay in a hotel that doesn’t offer handicapped parking. BudgetInn has the solution to these challenges because it features parking for handicapped. Besides, the hotel is easily accessible with a wheelchair. If you’re a guest who uses a wheelchair, you rest assured that you will have an easy time accessing our hotel.

Staircases and Steps

BudgetInn also has staircases designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The staircases have handrails to help guests with mobility problems. Guests who have difficulties walking will find the handrails of great help when they move up and down the stairs. These features for handicapped guests help ensure the safety of our guests. On top of that, we have put color marking to assist our guests to find the areas, spaces, or pathways that are specially designed for them.

Property Accessibility Features ~

  • Grab bar
  • High toilet seat
  • Shower chair
  • ADA communication kit available upon request for Visually, Hearing & speech Impaired guests.
  • Portable raps available to access room in and out
  • Parking for ADA

Whether you are a disabled guest or not BudgetInn will take care of your accommodation needs in the Syracuse area.  We have invested in amenities that make the stay in our hotel comfortable for every type of guest. BudgetInn is a hotel in the Syracuse area that offers accommodation to guests with special preferences or those who are disabled. We warmly welcome you to stay with us and enjoy your stay. We understand that as a guest with a disability, you need a great experience and that’s why we offer an environment that is accessible by individuals with disabilities or people having difficulties in walking.

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