Enroll yourself in Crispy Chicken Thighs w/ Garlic and Herbs PLUS Seafood Mac & Cheese

Feb 05, 2021

Do you want to learn to cook? If yes, then enroll yourself in Crispy Chicken Thighs w/ Garlic and Herbs PLUS Seafood Mac & Cheese. This cooking class is created to assist you to learn or refine the technique of making chicken thighs, with fresh herbs, garlic, and white wine. It is also combined with cooking seafood macaroni and cheese from scratch, first with the cheese sauce, then adding the seafood and seasonings.

You will learn to make a unique dish with Italian cheeses! This meal will make you get so many compliments from your family and friends. You will discover how to piece together these popular dishes, have them wrapped up, and directions on what to do when you reach home! This class will assist you to explore why food is the true heart of Italy. From our classroom to your table, attend this cooking class, and you will leave knowing how to make this homemade chicken dish and side dish.

If you are coming for the cooking classes, then reside at Budget Inn. It provides a welcoming and friendly environment and relaxing place to rest your head when you come to Syracuse area. Besides, this motel assures that guest do not have worry about COVID-19. Let’s see why you need to choose this one over others.

Facilities: This hotel strives to render an extensive array of facilities, such as- vending machines, fax/copying machines, and high-speed Wi-Fi. All the bathrooms consist of bathtubs. Moreover, all the rooms have LED television, chair, microwave, air conditioner, and mini-fridge.

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